LA-based Qwire is a collaboration tool for scoring and licensing music to picture. Perfect Circle created ads, website and an animated video to help explain what Qwire does. With gorgeous illustrations by Buenos Aires company Ganz Toll. Produced and edited by Urban Rhino in Burlington,…

Forever Bungalows

Eco-friendly boutique hotel in Sag Harbor, NY. Forever Bungalows re-defines cool and what it means to “stay like a local”.   Have a look at to see what we mean.   VIDEO

Candy Central

What’s sweeter than re-branding a candy company? Perfect Circle brought many talented illustrators and designers to the table to explore and ultimately choose the identity of this provider of all things sugar. In addition to parent company Candy Central, we also created the branding for…

Saints and Poets Production Company

Theatre & Puppets. Film & Puppets. Saints and Poets. This Burlington-based production company had a deep catalogue of images, posters and details about each of their 11 shows. We helped design a website that showcased it all and created a destination for promotion of future…

LEGS: The Film

LEGS: A big issue in the small village of Sag Harbor, NY. We created the poster, social media, website and marketing materials for this engaging documentary film.   Learn more at LEGS: The Film

MD Cosmetics Medical Spa

Stylish and modern, this medi-spa customers leave looking fabulous. Perfect Circle helped MD Cosmetics Medical Spa look their best with branding, a website and a smart, sassy social media and email campaign.   Have a look (and book) at

Competitive Giving League

PCC&D got into the scrum with the Competitive Giving League launching this community service competition that taps into the inherent competitive spirit of athletes. Teams compete against one another to see who can bring the largest donations of goods to local food shelves. With up-to-the…